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Improving Your Collections of Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable, sales made on credit to customers, account for a significant part of a business’...

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Access to Capital for Lenders

In a bid to mitigate credit risks and avoid non-performing loans, traditional banks may require strict...

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Expert Advice on Business Growth

An increase in customer demand for your business’ product and/or services is a business growth opportunity...

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Unlocking Money to Fund Your Business

Many businesses are faced with challenges of little or no access to funding, thus forfeiting lucrative...

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An Alternative to Credit Insurance

The accounts receivable management strategy encompasses the entire process of credit protection. It involves managing customer...

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Protecting Your Business from Bad Debt

Operating a business on credit terms does not come without risks, some accounts receivable end up...

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Cash Flow Management — the Bedrock of Your Business

Cash flow management involves an intentional cycle of forecasting business cash flow, generating cash through sales,...

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Accessing Cash Flow During the Covid-19 Crisis: A Factoring Approach

Need quick cash flow? Consider Factoring Small to medium scale businesses, as well as large scale...

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Asset-Based Loans Rates & How They Are Calculated

Size of the Loan  Asset-based lending interest rates are influenced by the size of the loan....

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