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Simplifying Access
to the Capital
You Need to Thrive

With a full range of versatile solutions, Accord holds
the key to unlock our clients’ potential. We offer
loans up to $20 million dollars to Canadian businesses
looking for capital.

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Choose the
Right Service for You

Whether you need to optimize your cash flow, spearhead a restructuring, or invest in the next phase of growth, we deliver flexible financing services to help you thrive. For more information, please call +1 514.846.6850.


Facilities starting at $300K
  • Factoring:
    • With or without notification
    •  / Advances up to 90%
    •  / No Financial Covenants or Ratios
    •  / Approval is based on the value and quality of the accounts receivable
  • AccordExpress Factoring:
    • For facilities under $2M
    •  / Offer in 48H
    •  / Disbursement within 10 business days
    •  / Inventory credit line of up to $500K for qualifying applicants
    •  / Open-term
    •  / No set-up fees
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Asset-Based Loans

Facilities from $1M–$20M
  • Receivables:
    • Advances up to 90%
    •  / No Financial Covenants or Ratios
  • Inventory (Revolvers):
    • Up to 75% of cost (presold inventory)
    •  / Up to 75% NOLV
  • Machinery & Equipment:
    • 70%–80% NFLV
    •  / Up to 4-Year Term Loans
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Accord Trade Recovery Guarantee (TRG) Program

Facilities up to $6.25M
  • TRG:
    • A program offering loan guarantees from EDC for Canadian companies looking to grow through exporting with loans up to $6.25M
    •  / For direct, indirect, or future exporters
    •  / Facilities for working capital and/or the acquisition of capital assets
    •  / Streamlined process available for small businesses
    •  / 1.8% EDC Guarantee fee can be deferred for 6 months
    •  / Program runs through to December 31st 2022
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Finding yourself in an exceptional situation?
Accord can help!

Financial liquidity is paramount to navigating economic cycles, industry-specific turmoil and other challenges or opportunities. Our suite of simplified financial solutions provides the firepower you need to weather any storm or capitalize on opportunities.

Unlock your company’s full growth potential with strategic financing solutions from Accord. Our flexible financing leverages your company’s existing assets (accounts receivable, machinery, inventory, and equipment) to improve your cash flow, seize opportunities, and springboard your success.

Buying a business can require a substantial amount of cash—for the purchase itself and working capital to continue operations. Accord’s acquisition financing leverages the assets of the target company to finance its purchase and provide working capital.

There are countless, time-critical challenges in restructuring and turnaround situations. Accord has over 40 years of experience helping companies in transition with flexible financing solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business, helping you create a plan for success, and financing your return to stability.

Slow receivables can quickly turn into bad debt losses, which can put a serious strain on your company’s cash flow. From complete account receivables management to factoring, Accord has the solutions and tools you need to return to a productive business.

Whether you’re faced with unforeseen challenges or discover an ideal opportunity, Accord can help you bridge the gap to success with fast, flexible financing solutions that enable your business to thrive. If you are caught off-guard and need flexible financing fast, Accord can help.

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Industry Expertise

Increasing complexities inherent to manufacturing can affect your business operations. Accord’s fast and flexible financing solutions are tailored around the unique needs and challenges facing by your business that can help you manage economic instability and fluctuations in supply and demand.

Accord designs financing solutions to help your wholesale business thrive. We can help you navigate through the strict lines of credit, seasonal fluctuations or long customer payment terms putting a strain on your cash flow, hindering your ability to pay suppliers or fulfill large orders.

Unlike banks with tighter loan regulations, Accord is an independent finance company that recognizes the value in the services you provide. We offer the flexibility to provide financial solutions that help you control your operations and achieve your business’ full potential.

As a retailer, you need to have what your customers want, at a competitive price and timely to their purchasing decision. Whether your sales are sluggish and seasonal or you want to gain market share, Accord offers asset-based financing solutions to sustain your retail business and help you become a market leader.

Food & beverage companies across North America are rapidly transforming, so achieving your goals can present you with a whole new set of challenges. We have a team of seasoned professionals to ensure that our comprehensive financing solutions are blended for you and your industry.

We understand your import-export financing needs, and we’re here to help. Our comprehensive range of financing options aims to mitigate international financing risks and helps you navigate the process, from paying for goods, shipping to customers and collecting on your invoices.

For over 20 years, Accord has been providing asset-based finance facilities to alternative lenders. As an experienced lender ourselves, we understand the flexibility that Fintech and alternative lenders require. Accord responds quickly to the real-time nature of your business with credit facilities up to $20 million.

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About Accord Financial Inc.

We provide asset-based lending and factoring solutions to small and medium sized businesses seeking financing to fuel their growth. Our solutions range up to $20M across a number of sectors including: manufacturing, distribution, transportation, services, food and beverages, and many more throughout Canada. With leading-edge technology and quick turnaround, our experienced management team brings value to every transaction.

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About Meridian

With 75 years of banking history, and over $26.6 billion in assets under management, Meridian is Ontario’s largest, and Canada’s second largest credit union. Every day, Meridian delivers a full range of financial services to 370,000 Members digitally, over the phone and through a network of 89 branches.

About Meridian Business Banking

Meridian Business Banking serves more than 25,0000 Members, offering a full suite of banking services including cash management, financing, and business credit cards. Additionally, specialized industry teams focus on Corporate Finance, Real Estate, and Development sectors.