Simplifying Access
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For over 40 years, we have financed companies in transition – reinventing, rebuilding, or simply shifting into growth mode. With a full range of versatile solutions, Accord holds the key to unlock our clients’ potential.

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What Transformative Event is Your Business Navigating?

Whether you are restructuring for a turnaround, growing too fast, or facing trajectory-altering opportunity, Accord’s financing solutions can help you successfully transition to the next stage in your business’ lifecycle.

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Access to Capital
When You
Need it the Most

Flexible and frictionless financing solutions seamlessly deployed and built to help your business thrive.

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When your business needs to adapt, innovate and invest, put our expertise and financial strength behind your mission to seize opportunity and drive success.

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Combining innovative growth strategies with flexible financing solutions

Mid-market companies across the globe are currently constrained by supply chain difficulties. But what happens when growth is hindered by liquidity, labor or capacity?

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Rural Broadband “Gold Rush”

“We’re in the first inning” proclaimed Calix Networks’ Chairman & CEO Carl Russo about the current period of robust activity within the communications space in response to a question posed to a panel assembled at Rural Broadband Symposium 2021.

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When Does Factoring Make the Most Sense?

A company can be profitable but still find themselves in a cash crunch when outstanding invoices have not been paid. If the balance sheet isn’t strong enough for conventional financing, you should consider factoring.

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